Chef de cuisine Kerlin Ledis


Breakfast 10.00-12.00


Full grain oat flakes porridge with banana slices, Müüriääre granola and strawberry-mint raw jam  3.00 €


Cheese omelette with bacon, balsamic roasted beet and fresh salad 4.90 €


Pancakes with lemon curd, raspberry sauce and vanilla ice-cream 3.50 € 




Crispy bacon and fried egg sandwich on fresh ciabatta with grilled tomato, green salad and Müüriääre pesto sauce 4.90 €


Cold smoked salmon croissant sandwich with green salad and avocado cream 4.50 €

Wild mushroom quiche with green salad 4.50 €

Salmon and zucchini quiche with green salad 4.50 €

Sweet potato fries with yogurt and chilli sauce 4.50 €




Deep fried chicken salad with blue cheese, pickled red onion, crispy apple, green salad and mustard-yogurt sauce 7.50 €


Warm potato and crispy bacon salad with chickpeas, fried egg, roosted beet hummus, green salad and Müüriääre pesto sauce 7.50 €


Baked goat cheese salad with balsamic roasted beet, roasted cashews, green salad and Müüriääre pesto 8.50 €




Pumpkin and ginger puree soup with smoked cheese 4.50 €


Spicy lamb, tomato and lentil soup 5.50 €




Salmon pasta with creamy white wine sauce, cherry tomatoes and parmesan 8.50 €


Tagliatelle with eggplant and tomato sauce 6.50 €

Lamb meatballs tagliatelle with eggplant and tomato sauce 7.50 €


Creamy mushroom and bacon pasta 7.50 €


Main Dishes


Mini pig hock with garlic potato mash and demi glace sauce  11.50 €


Brown butter pike perch with apple-butter sauce, parsnip mash and green salad 12.50 €


Pumpkin-chickpea curry with rice noodles 8.50 €


For Kids


Creamy chicken farfalle pasta 3.90 €


Deep fried chicken bites with fries and tomato-cucumber salad 4.50 €




Warm chocolate cake with rasberry sauce and vanilla ice cream 4.50 €


Ice cream selection with raw jam and crispy chocolate crumbs 3.00 €


Wide selection of cakes from 3.00 €