Chef de cuisine Kerlin Ledis


Breakfast 10.00-12.00


Full grain oat flakes porridge with raw strawberry and mint jam 2.90 €


Cheese omelette with bacon, balsamic yellow beet and fresh salad 4.90 €


Pancakes with quark cream and raspberry sauce 3.50 € 


Sandwiches and Quiches


Crispy bacon and fried egg bruschetta on fresh ciabatta with cherry tomatoes, fresh salad and herb pesto 4.90 €


Cold smoked salmon quiche with green salad 4.50 €

Mushroom quiche with green salad 4.50 €


Salads and Soups


Green salad with warm chicken fillet, cherry tomatoes, crispy ciabatta and Caesar dressing 5.90 €


New potato salad with crispy bacon, freshly salted cucumber, cherry tomatoes, frillice salad and mustard-lemon dressing 6.50 €


Creamy goat cheese salad with raspberry vinaigrette, tomato-strawberry salsa and green salad 7.50 €


Zucchini purée soup with herb croutons and thyme oil 4.90 €




Salmon pasta with creamy white wine sauce, cherry tomatoes and parmesan 7.90 €


Pork tenderloin pasta with mushrooms and fresh herbs 7.50 €


Main Dishes


Brown butter sea bass with apple-butter sauce, green pea-potato mash and apple-cucumber salad 10.90 €


Herby lamb cutlet with yoghurt-mint sauce and warm pearl cous-cous salad 9.90 €


Zucchini falafels with yoghurt-mint sauce and warm pearl cous-cous salad 8.50 €


For Kids


Creamy chicken pasta 3.90 €


Breaded chicken fillet with crispy fries and tomato-cucumber salad 4.90 €




Warm chocolate cake with raspberry sauce and vanilla ice cream 4.90 €


Berry crumble with vanilla ice cream 4.50 €


Ice cream selection with raw jam and crispy chocolate crumbs 2.90 €