Breakfast 10.00-12.00


Eggs & bacon with herbs and vegetables 3.50 €


Cheese omelette with mixed green salad 3.50 €


Oatflakes porridge with raw jam or butter 2.00 €




Bruschetta with tomato, garlic and fresh herbs 2.50 €/ 2 slices


Fried bacon and egg sandwich with grilled tomato, parmesan and fresh herbs

3.50 €/ 2 slices


Mozzarella sandwich with grilled zucchini and tomato, parmesan and fresh herbs 

4.00 €/ 2 slices


Baltic anchovy sandwich on dark bread with poached egg, parmesan, capers and fresh herbs 4.00 €/ 2 slices


Ciabatta with grilled chicken breast, blue cheese and fig jam 5.00 €/ 2 slices





Tomato and ricotta cheese quiche with green salad 3.00 € 

Cold smoked salmon and zucchini quiche with green salad 3.50 € 


Mushroom quiche with green salad 3.50 €


Smoked chicken and blue cheese quiche with green salad 3.50 € 




Chickpea and bacon salad with roasted beet, mixed green salad, parmesan, fresh herbs and pesto sauce 5.00 €

Smoked chicken salad with poached egg, grilled paprika, croutons, parmesan, mixed green salad, fresh herbs and mayonnaise sauce 5.50 € 

Mozzarella salad with fresh and sundried tomatoes, Kalamata olives, mixed green salad, fresh herbs and pesto sauce 5.50 €


Grilled goat cheese on ciabatta with roasted beet, mixed green salad, fresh herbs and pesto sauce 5.00 €

Cold-smoked salmon salad with mozzarella, olives, croutons, grilled zucchini, sundried tomatoes, poached egg, capers, mixed green salad, fresh herbs and mustard sauce 7.00 €





Soup of the day with house focaccia and herb butter on the side 3.00 €


Hearty meatball minestrone served with puff pastry grissinis 3.50 €




Vegetarian Penne alla Puttanesca - penne with cauliflower, paprika, olives in tomato sauce, finished with parmesan and herbs 4.00 €


Penne with chicken, sugar peas, paprika in orange and chili sauce, finished with parmesan and herbs 5.00 €


Pasta with meatballs in tomato sauce, finished with parmesan and herbs 4.50 €


Pasta with salami, sundried tomatoes, feta cheese, sage in broth sauce, finished with parmesan and herbs 5.00 €


Main Dishes


Beef steak with balsamic mushrooms and red wine sauce 8.00 €


Grilled pork loin with cheese sauce and roasted cherry tomatoes 5.00 €


Parmesan crusted chicken breast with spicy orange and chili sauce 5.50 €

Serrano ham wrapped cod with herb sauce and tomato salsa 10.00 €


Side dishes:

- garlic potato gratin 1.50 €

- potato and cauliflower mash 1.50 €

- wild rice and ginger with orange and chili sauce 1.00 €

- roasted vegetables 1.50 €


With wine


Selection platter for two containing parmesan, blue cheese, feta cheese, mozzarella cherries, pickled Kalamata olives, tomato salad, house focaccia and puff pastry grissinis 12.00 €


Selection platter for two containing salami, serrano ham, feta cheese, parmesan, mozzarella cherries, grilled vegetables, pickled Kalamata olives, tomato bruschettas, fig jam and puff pastry grissinis 15.00 €



Cakes and pastries


Truffle cake 2.00 €


Chocolate and cherry cake 2.00 €


Mango and meringue cake (GF) 3.50 €


Pear and meringue cake (GF) 2.50 €


Meringue roll with raspberries and cream (GF) 2.50 €


Baked cheese cake with berries 2.50 €


Chocolate-raspberry cake 3.00 €


Chocolate and quark cake with sea-buckthorn (GF) 2.50 €

Napoleon cake 2.50 €


Plum and nuts cake with condensed milk 3.00 €


Banana and chocolate cake 3.50 €


Cottage cheese cake with raspberries 3.00 €


Fresh pastry and croissants from 1.30 €


(GF - Gluten free)